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Event Management Platform

Are you searching for a flexible and 100% GDPR Compliant Event Management Platform that allows you to live stream interacting and unique virtual and hybrid events designed to your dreams and desires?

At Livehouse we have developed Event Management Platform, providing you with ample opportunities for creating webinars, virtual and hybrid events for smaller and larger sizes of businesses.

Safety in all productions

Be guarenteed as little as 1.5-2 seconds delay on your events between the speaker and audience.​

Fully Customizable to Your Brand​​

Customize and design your events as you please, and ensure that your brand guidelines shines through.​​

Engage and Retain your audience​​

Include innovative and inspiring live user interaction features, and provide your audience with fantastic events.​​

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Virtual and hybrid events hold until 1st of June 2022

+ 1 M

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Livehouse is operating in 30 countries world wide

Benefits of hosting Virtual Events

Reach & Attendance

Lower the barriers for attendance, reach a broad and global audience group, resulting in additional income streams and excellent ROIs.

Engagement & Interaction

Interact with your audience in-person and virtually, and build strong connections. Include polls, breakout sessions, Q&As and more.

Simplicity & Ease of Use

Live stream your virtual events to thousands of people worldwide, or invite speakers sitting abroad to join your events remotely.

Outstanding Visual Effects

Design your events as you please, and make sure that your audience are offered an outstanding virtual experience.

Reduces Travel Costs

Invite your speakers and audience to join your events remotely, and eliminate the need for travelling many hours for attendance.

Data Collection

Track and monitor the course of your event, both pre- live and post-event, and retrieve data on session engagement and attendance.

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Customized Event Solutions Suited To Your Dreams

Thanks to our proprietary, fully customizable, and unique Event Management Platform, as well as own-developed technology we offer you the most flexible and 100% GDPR Compliant Virtual and Hybrid Event and Webinar Solutions.

Features To Deliver a Unique Experience

Using our Event Management Platform, you are always guaranteed an ultralow latency on your live stream, full data control, alongside multiple functions such as polls, Q&As and chats during the sessions to increase engagement and interaction amongst your audiences.

Custom Design

We always make sure to custom design each event to your dreams and desires, and when we design a solution, we draw inspiration from your dreams and combine these with our unique pallet of business areas and competencies, giving us the edge to deliver the most tailored event solutions.

Get inspiration for your Next Event

Investor relations
Investor Relations

Live stream your financials in an engaging, transparent and inspiring way to your investors and shareholders.

Oracle live streaming event presentation
Sales & Marketing

Reach, engage and interact with your customers and key stakeholders in exciting and  innovative ways.

Bang & Olufsen General Assembly
In- & Ext Communication

Host oustanding internal and external communication events round the year, and deligth your prospects.å

studio events
Studio Events

Host your events in our fully managed hybrid studio, or allow us to build an event studio within your domicil. 

Check our Solutions

Webinar Solution

100% GDPR Compliant Event Management Platform that allows you to live stream engaging and captivating webinars to a wide audience?

Virtual events
Virtual Events

Looking for uniqueness to host amazing online conference, events and much more, while engaging with your audience in exciting new ways?

Hybrid Events

Are you searching for Event Solution to combine the best from physical- and virtual events and drive valuable business impact?

Louis Nielsen Live employee seminar 3
Physical Events

Extensive experience in operating physical events with a sound focus on conveying business critical messages in an inspiring way.

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