Case Studies

At Livehouse we love working with our clients! Take a tour of some of our case studies, and be inspired to host your own memorable events. We have since the beginning of our venture, designed and operated more than 10.000 Live & On-demand event productions, live streamed events to millions of viewers across the world, and created numerous live interaction features to help secure and deliver oustanding events to our clients. 

No matter what your idea or message is – small or large, we interact in dialogue – ensuring execution on highest level – there´s no need to make things complicated! 

Take a tour to some of our cases below, and please feel free to contact as for further information. 

Case Studies

Pandora SMC frontpage case study

Merging two physical conferences into one virtual​

Bang & Olufsen

The hybrid, modern and professional General Assembly

Rains truss construction case study

The creative, inspiring and modern event set-up​

Louis Nielsen

The astoning and incredible physical event​

Pandora Spark Expo frontpage case study

The innovative and inspiring 3D Universe

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