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Bang & Olufsen

A case of how Bang & Olufsen hosted a General Assembly in 2020

As tradition depicts, Bang & Olufsen had to host an General Assembly, and as a long-standing client, Bang & Olufsen hired Livehouse to help facilitate and operate the Assembly.

Under normal circumstances (red. Covid-19), the General Assambly would entail a soletary physical event. But with the advent of Covid-19, where the world demands distance and puts a limit on the number of attendees in the same room, the event had to be revoked into a Hybrid-model, where both physical and virtual attendees participated. Said in other words, The event took place physically, as well as being livestreamed to virtual attendees. Learn more about physical, virtual and hybrid events.

The Solution

To secure a red thread throughout the entire General Assembly event, both physically and virtually, Livehouse  facilitated and operated every detail of the event, including a construction of the stage for the speakers, sound, audio, and not least the livestreaming of the event to the remote attendees. To ensure that the remote attendees were able to cast their vote and provide comments or questions, numerous interactive features, such as a voting system and possibility to write questions were included within the livestream.

Below we have collected a few pictures from the physical event. And please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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