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L'Oréal Paris

A case of how L'Oréal Paris hosted a creative and inspiring 3D Universe event to celebrate Womens' worth

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2020, L’Oréal Paris kicked off an incredible and stunning 50th anniversary event of their iconic tagline ‘because you’re worth it’, reaffirming their commitment to empowering women around the world. The event, named Power Hour, was hosted as a fully virtual and remote events, designed as a total 3D universe.

The Solution

To celebrate their commitment and dedication, L’Oréal Paris teamed up with Livehouse Europe to host and operate the entire virtual event. A total 3D Universe for the attendees to wander through was designed, in which attendees had the opportunity to watch plentiful videos of the story behind the tagline, how brand ambassadors had been affected by L’Oréal Paris’ dedication to empowering women, alongside listening/reading toa selection of aspirational speakers talking about their stories, careers and daily lives.

Despite being disguised as a 3D Universe, the virtual and remote attendees were still able to write direct questions for L’Oréal Paris to answer during the event. And as cherry on the icing, Ibi Støving acted as conferencier to help navigate and introduce the entire event. the presentation by Ibi Støving was recorded on a greenscreen setting at our Hybrid studio at HUONE Copenhagen. Learn more about Virtual and Hybrid events.

Below we have collected a few pictures from the incredible event. And please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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