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How Pandora in the US & Canada jointly hosted a three-day virtual store manager conference and 3D EXPO Exhibition

For many years, the Pandora office in the United States and Canada has jointly hosted has jointly hosted physical Store Manager Conferences with the aim of equipping their store leaders with the right tools and methods to increasing performance and results. But thanks to Covid-19, the two scheduled physical conferences had to be merged into one virtual one, in which Pandora employed Livehouse to execute the conference remotely. The event took place in January 2021 and lasted three days.

The Solution

Training sessions

Ahead of the conference, technicians from Livehouse carried out testing sessions with each presenter and moderator, ensuring that they were comfortable with presenting virtually, and aware of how to use Livehouse’s video- and presenter system. The following features was covered:

  • Optimal seating- and lighting options
  • How to control own slideshow
  • How to moderate Q&A sessions

Personalized registration e-mails

Each participating Store Manager received a unique registration e-mail, enabling them to complete a personal profile and read materials provided by Pandora. Completing these “tasks” would amount certain points, which consequently was included in a leadership board on the online Conference website. The competition continued throughout the whole conference.

A tailormade Conference website

In close dialogue with Pandora, a tailormade conference website was designed on Livehouse’s highly customizable platform, focusing on interactivity and connectedness amongst the participating store managers:

  • Customized layout – logo, colors, images, text fonts.
  • Content – inclusion of speaker bios, materials for download, agenda, upcoming sessions etc.
  • Interaction features – polls for participants to complete, ability to ask questions, competitions, chatrooms etc.

A constant dialogue with Pandora during live sessions:

30 minutes prior to each live session, the presenters from Pandora could log into Livehouse’s video- and presenter system, where our technicians would repeat how to use the site. This also provided a chance for the presenters to ask questions and consequently ensuring that they were comfortable with the system. Also, the Livehouse technicians acted as producer, informing the presenters of when to initiate their presentations.

Additionally, a Teams call was set up with coordinating members of Pandora, which would run simultaneously to the live-sessions. This would provide the opportunity to overcome potential and sudden issues instantly, as well as last second changes to the scheduled agenda and content.

A 3D Expo Universe

As icing on the cake, a 3D Expo universe was hosted in which external vendors to Pandora had a virtual and online booth, and the participating store managers had the unique opportunity to join the different booths as they wanted, and as questions to the various vendors.

See pictures below for how the 3D Expo Universe was designed, and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Learn also more about how Livehouse designed and operated a three-day virtual event for Pandora in the US here.

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