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How Rains showcased their clothing collection in a creative, innovative, and inspiring manner

As tradition dictates, the innovative fashion company, Rains, attended the Copenhagen Fashion Week anno 2020. But unlike before, Rains opted for a hybrid-version and hosted both a physical event, alongside showcasing a stunningly and inspirational video of their Spring-Summer 2021 collection. At Livehouse we had the pleasure of building a creative, modern and innovative set-up at Rains’ flagship store in Copenhagen showcasing their movie.

The Solution

With inspiration from a truss construction as we know it from the construction world, we used water pipes to build a scaffold, on which 8 separate TV screens were attached. Each of the screens displayed the movie, and with a bunch of plants and vegetation filling the scenary around the space, we managed to create an inviting, yet creative setting, to display Rains’ inspiring Spring-Summer 2021 collection video.

Below we have collected a few pictures from the construction. And please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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