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Frequently Asked Questions

Reading and understanding GDPR, ISAE and DPA can be quite a handful. To answer the typical questions we receive, we have collected a list of the most asked questions and answers here.

If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to reach out to us.

Engagement and interaction

Policies and Declarations

No. However our ISAE 3000/3402 reports cover this.

We carry out tests on a scheduled basis as described in our ISAE 3000/3402 reports.


On top of our internal procedures, we have a public Code of Conduct which not only apply to our own employees, but also any supplier we might engage in customer related matters.

Download our CoC here.

Safety and Awareness

3 employees work with compliance and security:

René Steenfeldt, CTO
Keld Bendtsen, Operations Manager
Martin Elsborg, CEO


All employees must pass 2 awareness courses during their onboarding:

Basic GDPR knowledge
Information security

Once a year, all employees must revisit both courses and pass them.

System Access, Security and Backup

Yes. This is a part of our ISAE 3000/3402 procedures.


Yes. All actions are logged.

Yes – to a certain degree. Not all details are available.

Change Management

Yes. According to our developer guide, this is the foundation of all development.

Yes. All changes are reviewed before move from development to staging.

Yes. Following our development guide, only reviewed code can be staged and only staged changes can be moved to production.

Production rollout is scheduled to minimize customer impact.

Yes. This follows the processes described in ISAE 3000/3402.

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