Current Sub-Processors And Suppliers​

Below is a list of all current sub-processors and suppliers of IT systems, that potentially can gain access to rest data. The services each of them deliver are carefully selected to achieve what we find necessary, to deliver our services to our customers.

The Supplier cooperates with carefully selected sub-processors. The cooperation makes it possible to distribute productions via the digital network if this has been agreed with the Customer, as well as store and manage archived and upcoming services.

The list is updated on a frequent basis and always reflecting the current sub-processors and suppliers. Addition of new sub-processors will be announced 30 days prior to usage. The customer will be notified of the change and have the right to reject the new sub-processor. See section 4 in our Data Processing Agreement.

SupplierLocation/CountryLegal basis for processing outside EUFunctionUpdated
Amazon AWSUSA and EUPrivacy ShieldHostingMay 14, 2018
Microsoft USA and EUPrivacy ShieldEmailMay 14, 2018
Google USAPrivacy ShieldMonitoring and AnalyticsMay 14, 2018
Dreamhost USA HostingMay 14, 2018
Typeform Spain Email serviceMay 14, 2018
Nykredit Denmark PaymentsMay 14, 2018
Highrise HQUSAPrivacy ShieldCRMMay 14, 2018
e-conomicsDenmark InvoicingMay 14, 2018
TeliaDenmark & Sweden Phone systemMay 14, 2018
MailchimpUSAPrivacy ShieldNewsletters and mailinglistsMay 14, 2018
Sli.doSlovakia Communication systemMay 14, 2018
Jet-StreamThe Netherlands Distribution and hostingMay 14, 2018