Data Types

On this page, you are able to learn more about the data types that we use at Livehouse. This appendix constitutes, inter alia, the Customers instruction to the Supplier relating to the processing of data carried out by the Supplier on behalf of the Customer and is an integral part of the Data Processing Agreement.

Purpose and nature of the data types processing

The purpose of entrusting the data processing activities to the Supplier is to let the Customer use Livehouse’s services, which is primarily streaming and video production, accessed by the Customer online, hosted and run by the Supplier or sub-processors or delivered as flat files, where the Supplier is hosting the material for a period, to be able to edit and finalize the product.

Livehouse helps facilitating the customers communication, documentation of events and other relevant communication matters relating to the Customers employees, administration, financial presentation, confidential information, personal presentations etc. This can also entail personal information on behalf of the Customer.

Categories of registered and processed data types

The Customer’s potential, current and former employees in cases where the Customer mention or show details about such persons during presentations.

The Customer’s employee’s personal information if the Customer enters, shows or mention details about such persons as well as potential participants personal information on external presentations.

In general, the Supplier will only register name, title, email, phone and employer, to be able to manage a day-to-day communication with the Customer.

Furthermore, information regarding the data subjects’ details such as personal data the Customers registers into any stream or video recording regarding the data subjects, are processed. This might include, email addresses, telephone numbers, gender. Additional revealed details of the data subjects might also be processed. For the data subjects in category II other personal information unknown prior to event might be processed.

Special categories of personal data processed

Depending on the presentations being recorded on behalf of the Customer, it might be possible to determine the union membership of the data subject. This type of data will only be stored at rest, within compressed digital video files and not in clear text.

Data processing locations

Internal data management systems are physically located on the address of Livehouse, under strict security by design and least privilege principles.

Access to data processing is restricted by secure login for registered employees of the Supplier, through encrypted connections.

Read more about our current sub-processors.

Transmission of data

The Supplier may transfer personal data on behalf of the Customer as part of the services provided to the Customer by the Supplier. See Appendix 2 for a full and current list of sub-processors.

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