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Event Solutions

Apply state-of-the-art event- and live streaming technology, and deliver outstanding, captivating and engaging event solutions to your audiences.

The right approach - the right event solutions

At Livehouse we have a unique pallet of business areas and competencies, giving us the edge to deliver you the most tailored event solutions fitted to your dreams and desires. And we know better than anyone that a successful event depends highly on its form and shape. At Livehouse we therefore accommodate a variety of event solutions, and we are with you all the way from design planning rigth through to the establisement and operation of your event.

Thanks to our proprietary and unique Event Solutions Platform, you are always guarenteed the most flexible and high-quality live streaming solutions with a sound focus on innovation and creativity. We accomodate both physical, virtual and hybrid events, and with our seasoned team of specialists, you are always guarenteed top class support and consultation throughout the entire event process. And no matter the type of event you desire, our flexible and unique Event Solutions Platform provides you with the flexibility and innovation required to deliver outstanding and aspirational events to your audience.

Your overview of the event solution services that we accommodate, and the type of medium you desire

Investor Relation live streaming event
Investor Relations

Annual General Meetings
Quarterly results
Capital Market Days
Investor meetings

Oracle live streaming event presentation
Sales & Marketing

Product Demonstrations
Webinars & Seminars

Bang & Olufsen General Assembly
In- & Ext Communication

Employee Training Sessions
Press Conferences
Webinars & Seminars

Lundbeck live streaming event interview
Studio Events

Managed Studio Sessions
Internal turn-key Studio

Event types

When hosting your events, meetings or conferences, it is very important that you choose an appropriate medium/event type. But fear not, at Livehouse we have years of experience operating both physical, virtual and hybrid events, and we are with you all the way from concept development to the live event. 

And irregardless of the event type that you choose, our flexible and unique event solutions Platform provides you with the flexibility and innovation required to deliver outstanding and aspirational events to your audience

Louis Nielsen 2016
Physical Events

Host inspirational physical events round the year and engage and delight your prospects, customers & partners.​

Virtual events setup
Virtual Events

Host amazing online conferences, events & more, while engaging with your audience in exciting new ways. 

Huone studio
Hybrid Events

Combine the best from physical- and virtual events, and drive valuable business impact. 

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