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Stand-Alone Webinar Solution

A professionally build intuitive Webinar Solution for your events and the opportunity to customize your next webinar. With extensive innovative interaction features you will take your webinar to the next level and keep your audience fully engaged.

Standard Event Platform

The platform comes with pre-built templates that are easy for you to setup on your own and includes a range of intuitive and user-friendly features that will keep your audiences engaged and interested throughout the entire event.

Premium Event Platform

The platform comes with pre-built templates that are easy for you to setup on your own and includes a variety of creative and innovative features that will keep your audiences engaged and interested throughout the entire event.

You are also offered a large deal of customizability that will ensure that your events always are stunningly and elegantly presented!

Custom Event Platform

The platform includes the most exciting and creative engagement features that will provide any audience with a truly unique and memorable experience.

With this platform package you can even include greenscreen recordings, 3D universes, gamification features and much more.

Compare Event mangement Platform Plans

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Custom
per month
per month
per month
Live & On-Demand Viewing Hours per year1.00010.00020.000
H1 Event Teaser text
H2 Event date / time stamp
FAQ (general)
Pre / Post image
Speaker Bio
Calendar download
Reminder E-mail
User role differentiation
Basic registration*
Agenda (By Event)
H3 Event description text
Pre / Post roll video
Own company info reference inserts
Chat module (open)
Voting basic (profile dependant / 1 vote system)
3rd party feed
Participant profile interaction
Password protection
Login (user profile incl. CSV / XLS upload)
Advanced registration*
Own tracking sting
Push notifications
Remove "powered by" etc.
Agenda (Personalized)
FAQ (client)
Chat module (operated)
Voting advanced (profile dependant / multiple vote system)
IP restriction
Greenscreen option on platform (not incl. Editing)

Add-On Features

Own Domain
AD / SSO Inegration
Payment Gateway
1:1 Meetings
SMS Reminder
Breakout Meetings
API for eg. Marketo, Salesforce, Sessionize etc.

on-page design features

Include basic graphical design features on your event page, and make sure that your brand identity is conveyed properly.

Color Background
Color design features include your logo and 1 color fill option.

Image Background
Showcase a specific image as the background image on your event page.

Dynamic Background
Showcase a video or other dynamic effect as part of the background on your event page.

Include a Q&A to your main event page, and make sure that your audience can find answers to common questions as the preferred internet browser.  

Include various countdown features, and make sure your audience is informed about upcoming events, or when your live events begin.

Include unlimited speaker biographies, and make sure that your audience are presented with important information.

Agenda (By Event)

Include an agenda for your specific event and inform your audience of what they can expect during the event.

Agenda (Personalized)

Allow each of your attendees to custom design their own agenda, thus providing them the opportunity to only follow preferred events.

Enable your audience to download an isc-calendar file to their own personal calendar, and make sure that they remember your event.

User Interaction Features

Open Chat Module

Include a chat module on your event page, and provide your audience the opportunity to provide comments and questions visible to all participants.

Moderated Chat Module

As the organizing company you can moderate the chat module, and for instance delete negative posts or decide that certain words cannot be used in the commentary field.

Incorporate gamification features such as quizzes, contests and leaderboards in real-time and create a fun and memorable experience for your audience.

Single Voting-system

Allow each of your attendees to cast only one single vote during your event.

Multiple Voting-system

Allow each of your attendees to cast multiple votes during your event or allow only certain attendees can cast multiple votes.

Send an event reminder e-mail to your audience and increase your chances of attendance.

Technical Features

The number of Live & On-Demand viewing hours you have available for your events on a yearly basis.

The amount of storage capacity you have available for your events on a yearly basis. 

Storage includes for example video and image files.

Event Security & Control

Secure your event with password protection, ensuring that only attendees with knowledge of the password can participate in your event.

Secure your event page with an IP restriction and determine from what IP addresses your audience can watch your event from.

Provide each of your participants with a custom-designed and unique login and be in control of who participates in your event.

Data & Statistics

Basic Registration

Include basic event registration features as name, company and e-mail, and retrieve valuable data on audience demographic.

Advanced Registration 

Provide your audience the opportunity to register for your events, but also to cancel their registration again.

Retrieve basic and valuable data on e.g., session engagement, attendance rates and detailed demographics, and be able to measure event success and ROI.

You are able to monitor your events on a data visualization dashboard in real-time and retrieve post-event reports.

Statistics also includes the option for Hybrid reference, enabling you to track your audience from both Physical and Virtual presence.

Track the movement of your audience virtually and retrieve valuable data on your audience history or recurrence to your platform and intermediate interests.

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