Hybrid events - the new normal

Hybrid events are, as the name suggests, a mix between virtual and physical events and are essentially any events that combine digital, online components with live in-person elements. Or said in other words, hybrid events allows you to host events simultaneously as both a virtual and physical event, and so by pivoting to hybrid events, organizations can replicate the virtual offsite-event experience to those attendees participating physically in-person.

Now, it might sound counter-intuitive for you to host both a virtual and physical event simultaneously. But rather than perceiving the two event types as competing, it is important to understand how supplementing a virtual and online event with on-site physical components can provide abundant opportunities for meaningful engagement that could not be done by hosting either a physical or virtual event solely.

At Livehouse we have extensive experience facilitating, hosting and creating both virtual, physical and hybrid events. And as organizations today have gotten used to hosting virtual events, it is important that we do not forget about the physical component, as it still provides great opportunities. Using Livehouse as your preferred event solutions partner, we can help you host amazing virtual events, where your physical attendees will receive the same experience as the virtual ones.  

Benefits of hosting hybrid events

Reach & Attendance

Lower the barriers for attendance, and reach a broad and global audience group, resulting in additional income streams and excellent ROIs.

Engagement & Interaction

Interact with your audience in-person and virtually, and build strong connections. Include polls, breakout sessions, Q&As and more.

Simplicity & Ease of Use

Live stream your virtual events to thousands of people worldwide, or invite speakers sitting abroad to join your events remotely.

Outstanding Visual Effects

Design your events as you please, and make sure that your audience are offered an outstanding virtual experience.

Reduces Travel Costs

Invite your speakers and audience to join your events remotely, and eliminate the need for travelling many hours for attendance.

Data Collection

Track and monitor the course of your event, both pre- live and post-event, and retrieve data on session engagement and attendance.

State-of-the-art hybrid studio in Copenhagen

Explore our state-of-the-art hybrid studio set-up located near Copenhagen airport, and host inspiring and aspirational hybrid events in creative settings.

Our hybrid studio, combined with our unique Event Solutions Platform, allows you to reach your audiences worldwide both via physical or virtual events, or as a combination of both. The studio is permanently installed at HUONE Copenhagen and can be designed to match your dreams and expectations. Should you wish to do a greenscreen recording or invite some attendees into the hybrid studio, you are free to do so.

HUONE Studio setup

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Track and Monitor your Events

Whether hosting physical, virtual or hybrid events, tracking and monitoring the course of your event is integral for business success, and for improving your events.

Using our Event Solutions Platform, you can monitor your events on a data visualization dashboard in real-time and report on e.g., session engagement and attendance rates. You can also receive post event reports showcasing attendance rates, country of origin for the attendees and much more.

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