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Investor Relation Events

Engage and Connect with your Investors and Key Stakeholders

For many organizations, hosting an earnings call or an investor day is a common, yet very strategic, practice. But without a proper set-up, presenting your financials oftentimes end up being either dull or unattractive. And that is a real shame. Fortunately, we have at Livehouse for years specialized in conveying investor presentations and business critical messages in an inspiring and informative way.

And thanks to our fully customizable and unique Event Solutions Platform, you now have the power to create stunning presentations for your investors and key stakeholders, while always being in full control of the entire event process. Whether hosting your Investor Relation Event as a physical, virtual or hybrid event, we have made it easy for you to connect and engage with your audience, always with a strong attention to inclusivity and engagement.


The main benefits of hosting your Investor Relation Event with Livehouse, and the many different set-ups we accommodate

memorable connections

Connect with the investment community, and efficiently manage the relationship with your participating investors.

Live Interaction Features

Interact with the investment community, and include polls, breakout sessions, competitions, gamification etc.

Worlwide Audience

Reach the investment community anywhere in the world, and live stream your event to thousands of investors.

Create engaging and fascinating Investor Relation Events tailormade to your dreams

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Investor relation

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Track and Monitor your Events

Whether hosting physical, virtual or hybrid events, tracking and monitoring the course of your event is integral for business success, and for improving your events.

Using our Event Solutions Platform, you can monitor your events on a data visualization dashboard in real-time and report on e.g., session engagement and attendance rates. You can also receive post event reports showcasing attendance rates, country of origin for the attendees and much more.

Pricing and features

Get the complete overview of pricing and all the features for our Virtual Event Management Platform. See how you can create outstanding and inspirational event solutions.

Data and insights from Livehouse. Statistic data and insights.

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