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Are you searching for a flexible and 100% customizable Event Solutions Platform that allows you to live stream engaging and captivating content to a wide audience group in a timely manner? 

At Livehouse we have developed a state-of-the-art Event Solutions Platform, providing you with ample opportunities for creating outstanding and inspirational event solutions. Using our platform, you are always guaranteed an ultralow latency on your live stream, full control, alongside multiple features to increase engagement and interaction amongst your audiences. 


kr 695 per month
Subscription 12-month upfront
595 kr. per month
  • 250 Viewing Hours per month
  • 25 GB File Storage
  • Speaker BIO
  • Q&A
  • Logo
  • Basic Registration
  • Reminder e-mail
  • Calendar Download
  • Image Background
  • Participant tracking
  • Open Chat Module
  • Agenda
  • Single Voting-System
  • Archive
  • Countdown
  • Downloads
  • Multiple screen share
  • Metrics
  • Live view editing
  • Webcam


kr 1495 per month
  • 1.000 Live & On-Demand viewing hours per year
  • 25 GB File Storage
  • Speaker BIO
  • Q&A
  • Logo
  • Basic registration
  • Reminder e-mail
  • Calendar Download
  • User Role Differentiation
  • Colour Background
  • Participant tracking


Features in Standard, plus:
kr 4495 per month
  • 10.000 Live & On-Demand viewing hours per year
  • 100 GB File Storage
  • Open Chat Module
  • General Agenda
  • Single Voting-System
  • Advanced Registration
  • Single Voting-System
  • Breakout Meeting as add-on
  • Archive
  • Countdown
  • Image Background


Features in Premium, plus:
kr 9500 per month
  • 20.000 Live & On-Demand viewing hours per year
  • 1 TB File Storage
  • Operated Chat Module
  • Personalized Agenda
  • Multiple Voting-System
  • Unlimited Language Sites
  • Gamification as add-on
  • IP Restriction
  • Client Specific FAQ
  • Dynamic Background

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  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Custom
per month
per month
per month
Live & On-Demand Viewing Hours per year
The number of Live & On-Demand viewing hours you have available for your events on a yearly basis.

Calculating the number of hours
If one participants follows a presentation for 60 minutes, he/she will have used 1 hour out of the total e.g. 1000 hours. At Livehouse we are tracking the time spent by each participants, so that we only count the vieweing hours based on actual consumption.
Present your event page in multiple languages and host inclusive & multilingual events for your audience.
Apply pre-defined easy-to-use templated to host elegant events, or team up with our graphical department to build customized events matching your brand attributes and values.
3 Templates5 TemplatesCustom
Apply pre-defined fonts on your event page or fonts after your own choosing.
Include your company colours on the event page, and make sure that your branding attributes are demonstrated visually.
Accent ColoursAccent ColoursCustom
Retrieve valuable data on overall metrics as the number of visitors, overall page views, as well as from what countries that participants are from.

Retrieve detailed single user-behaviour data, as well as the time spent watching each presentation/video.
Include unlimited text-based registration fields, such as name and company, and send a confirmation e-mail to the registrants.

Include user-based registration and provide attendees with the possibility of selecting data-based fields, incl. Drop-down menus, including the possibility to cancel the registration again.
Include a colour of your choosing as the background on your event page.

Showcase a specific image as the background image on your event page.

Showcase a video or other dynamic effect as part of the background on your event page.
Event Agenda
Allow each of your attendees to custom design their own agenda, providing them the opportunity to follow their preferred events.

Personal Agenda
Allow each of your attendees to custom design their own agenda, providing them the opportunity to follow their preferred events.
By EventBy EventPersonal
General FAQ
Include a basic FAQ, generated by Livehouse, and make sure that your audience can find answers to common technical questions.

Client Created FAQ
Include an advanced FAQ, generated by the client, and let your audience have viable information.
GeneralClient Created
Chat Module
Open Chat Module
Include an open chat module, and provide your audience the opportunity to provide comments and questions visible to all participants.

Moderated Chat Module
As the organizing company you can moderate the chat module, and for instance delete negative posts or decide that certain words cannot be used in the commentary field.
OpenClient Operated
Single Voting
Allow each of your attendees to cast a single vote during your event.

Multiple Voting
Allow each of your attendees to cast multiple votes during your event or allow only certain attendees can cast multiple votes.
Reminder E-mail
Send an event reminder e-mail to your audience and increase your chances of attendance. Depending on the package, the reminder e-mail follows a Livehouse script or can be customized to your needs.
Event Teaser Text
Include a main title on the event page describing the scope of your event.
Event Date & Time
Include an event date and time stamp on your event page.
Pre/Post Splash Image
Showcase custom images within your event page’s video area in both the waiting/lobby and done/mingle even stage.
Speaker BIO
Include unlimited speaker biographies, and make sure that your audience retrieve valuable information about the presentation.
Incorporate a Question & Answer session to your events and allow you audience to ask written questions both pre- and during the event.
Calendar Download
Enable your audience to download an isc-calendar file to their own personal calendar, and make sure that they remember your event.
Insert company logo on event page.
User Role Differentiation
Enable viewer control based on user permission and grant them access to different content based on their permissions.
Include various countdown features, and make sure your audience is informed about upcoming events, or when your live events begin.
Event Description Text
Include a descriptional text on your event page informing your audience of the scope of your event.
Pre/Post Roll Video
Include an intro- and outro video on your event page.
Own Company Reference
Include link references to your company website.
Include an archive with previous events, upcoming events and so forth.
3rd Party Feed
Integrate 3rd party feed options as your social media feeds and encourage your audience to promote your event on various channels.
Participant Profile Interaction
Track and monitor what attendees that have signed up to different breakout sessions and contact those attendees directly.
Password Protection
Secure your event with password protection, ensuring that only attendees with knowledge of the password can participate in your event.
User Profile Login
Provide each of your participants with a custom-designed and unique login and be in control of who participates in your event.
Own Tracking String
Include your own tracking string code to your events and retrieve valuable data in your own data analysis program.
Push Notifications
Push notifications on your event page through a ticker bar, and make sure that your audience receive to important information.
Removal of "Powered by Livehouse"
Remove the default "Powered by Livehouse" description at the bottom of your event page.
IP Restriction
Secure your event page with an IP restriction, and determine from what IP addresses your audience can watch your event from.
Include a greenscreen recording for your live events and enhance the visuals of your events dramatically. Be aware that editing is not part of this feature and must be purchased.

Add-On Features

Own Domain
Take full control of your event by using your own domain name.
AD / SSO Inegration
Include AD & SSO integrations on your events, and enable faster and more smooth site-activated elements.

AD is an abbreviation for Active Directory, allowing you to connect a direct integration between the event page and your internal employee database.

SSO is an abbreviation for Single Sign-On and is an authentication method that enables your audience to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials.
Peering is a term for using an internal server to distribute the livestreaming of your event.

By using peering, you will ensure that everyone watching the event, will download the event data from an internal server, thus eliminating latency, and potential internal connectivity issues.
Payment Gateway
Enable a payment gateway feature and ensure that only paying attendees can watch your event or selected content.
1:1 Meetings
Allow your audience to pre-book one-to-one meetings/sessions during your event either by chat or video.
Push notifications via SMS to your audience during your event.
SMS Reminder
Send an event reminder via SMS to your audience and increase the chances of attendance.
Breakout Meetings
Host unlimited breakout meetings as part of your main event, and split your audience into minor groups bringing discussions and participation to a more detailed level.
API Integration
Integrate your event and related data to 3rd party systems as Marketo, Salesforce and Sessionize.
Incorporate gamification features such as quizzes, contests, and leaderboards in real-time and create a fun and memorable experience for your audience.

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