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Think Green

Livehouse supports you directly on environment, economy, and society and society sustainability 

Our sustainability mission. Work smart. Think green. Work hybrid.

Be smart - Think Green

Small steps in the right direction

Livehouse supports you directly on environment, economy, and society sustainability.

Transportation and travel are a heavy load on the environment. Livehouse ensure you can develop your business using hybrid and virtual solutions to create powerful events. Our webinar Solution is also a sustainable way of having regularly events where your audience avoid transportation as well. The upside off reducing unnecessary travel is that you reduce the carbon footprint but still connect with the whole world. We are happy to support a greener future. Imagine a world where we can see all the small changes do matter!

Always yours. Always works. always with you.

Our GREEN Mission

Why even talk sustainability?

Reduces Travel Costs
Invite your speakers and audience to join your events remotely, and eliminate the need for travelling many hours for attendance.

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