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Webinar Solution

Use our Webinar Platform to Host, Design and Live Stream Professional and Engaging Webinars. Sign-up today for a Free Trial of our Event Management Solution!

All-in-One World Class Webinar Platform

Are you looking for a flexible and 100% GDPR Compliant and ISAE Certified Webinar Platform that allows you to live stream engaging and successful webinars to a wide audience in a timely manner?

At Livehouse we have created an Event Management Solution, providing you with ample opportunities for hosting the best webinars, virtual and hybrid events, regardless whteter you are a small or a large size business.

With our Webinar Solution, you are always guaranteed an ultra-low latency on your live stream, in addition to full data control. Our Webinar Solution also comes with multiple functions such as polls, Q&As and chats during the webinar sessions that will help you increase the engagement amongst your attendees and improve their online webinar experience.

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A Webinar Solution Customized For You

With Livehouse you can make your webinars even more memorable by customizing the event according to your brand, industry or the topic of the webinar. Add whatever visual effects, design elements and features you like and deselect the ones you don’t. This will give both you and your attendees a better and more engaging online experience.

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to get started? We have a specialized Customers Success team who will help and support you in your preferred language, Danish or English. 

Reach out and together we can visualize your ideas and create your own branded webinar event. The benefits of hosting a webinar are obvious so let’s get started today. Don’t hesitate to call us and we will help you immediately
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Get a Complete Overview of our Webinar Platform’s Features

Get the complete overview of our Webinar Solution with all the cool and stunning features and see for yourself why we have a world class virtual webinar platform that fits your needs.

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Benefits of hosting Webinars

Lead generation, brand awareness and community building – there are plenty of reasons why you should host webinars! Thanks to our state of the art Webinar Platform, you will be able to create captivating web events that will increase your growth and position you as a thought leader within your industry. Read more about the many benefits in our article What is a webinar?

Reach & Attendance

Lower the barriers for attendance, reach a broad and global audience, resulting in additional income streams and excellent ROIs.

Engagement & Interaction

Interact with your audience in-person and virtually, and build strong connections. Our Webinar Program has polls, breakout sessions, Q&As and much more.

Simplicity & Ease of Use

Live stream your virtual events to thousands of people worldwide, or invite speakers sitting abroad to join your webinars remotely.

Add Outstanding Visual Effects

Design your webinar as you please, and make sure that your webinar audience is offered an outstanding online experience.

Reduces Travel Costs & CO2 Emissions

Invite your speakers and audience to join your webinars remotely, and eliminate the need for traveling many hours for attendance. By cutting down on flight travels, you also decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

Secure Data Collection

Track and monitor the course of your webinar, both pre-, live and post-event, and retrieve data on session engagement and attendance. 100% GDPR Compliant and ISAE Certified, of course.

Advantages Using Our Webinar Platform

With our Webinar Solution, you will be able to set up and live stream professional webinars without any previous experience. Our user-friendly and powerful webinar platform contains all the tools you need to impress your audience and improve your market position.

Data collection insights

Track and Monitor your Webinar Events

Whether hosting In-person, virtual or hybrid events, tracking and monitoring the course of your event is integral for business success, and for improving your upcoming events.

Using our Webinar Solution, you can monitor your events on a data visualization dashboard in real-time and report on e.g., session engagement and attendance rates. You can also receive post event reports showcasing attendance rates, country of origin for the attendees and much more.

Livehouse Webinar Solutions – Pricing and features

Get the complete overview of pricing and all the features for our Webinar Solution and our state-of-the-art Event Management Platform.

Check our World Class Solutions

Virtual events

Virtual Events

Looking for uniqueness to host amazing online conferences, events and much more, while engaging with your audience in exciting new ways?

Hybrid Events

Are you searching for Event Solution to combine the best from physical- and virtual events and drive valuable business impact?

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In person Events

We have extensive experience in operating physical events with a sound focus on conveying business critical messages in an inspiring way.

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